USD 446 Independence
Parents as Teachers Program
An early learning program 
for parents of young children prenatal to three


Parents as Teachers is a free, voluntary, research-based program designed to provide practical timely information to all families including single parents, first-time parents and expectant parents.

Being a parent is a lot more fun and much less stressful if:
• you know how your child grows and develops
• you know how to encourage your child so he will get a great start in life
• you share experiences and receive support from other families who have a child the same age as yours


“All children will learn, grow and develop to realize their full potential”
Parents As Teachers provides:
Personal Visits -

Personal Visits every 6 to 8 weeks by a certified

Parent Educator with developmentally

appropriate education materials and

activities at each personal visit.

Group Meetings -

Group meetings where parents have the opportunity

to discuss general issues of child development

and parenting. Favorite meetings have included:

Homemade Toys, Summer Fun,

Nursery Rhymes, and Make a Book.

Screening -

Annual vision, hearing, language and

overall developmental screenings are included

during home visits.

Resource Network -

Parents As Teachers helps link parents with

other resources within the community that

provide services beyond the scope of Parents As Teachers.

Subscriptions -

All parents receive a monthly newsletter

and a subscription to “Parent and Child” magazine.

Family Resources -

All families have access to local Parents As Teachers

resources including toys, videos, parent materials and

other early childhood education materials.

Playgroups -

Playgroups give parents and children the

opportunity to join with other parents and

children for a play time that provides a variety

of activities that enhance all areas of development.

For more information, please call 1-800-554-3412.