USD 446 Curriculum:

Curriculum standards are approved by the Kansas State Board of Education and define what students will learn at each grade level and content.  Locally, teachers write curriculum which defines how students will learn the content outlined in the standards.  CLICK HERE to view USD 446 curriculum. 


 What is Common Core?

The Kansas State Department of Education has a FACT SHEET regarding Data Collection and the Common Core.  To read the FACT SHEETS, CLICK HERE.


Kansas College and Career Ready Standards:


Parent Guides for Mathematics 



Kindergarten (Spanish) (coming soon)

First Grade

1er Grado (coming soon)

Second Grade

2do Grado (coming soon)

Third Grade

3er Grado (coming soon)

Fourth Grade

4to Grado (coming soon)

Fifth Grade

5to Grado (coming soon)

Sixth Grade  (coming soon)

6to Grado (coming soon)

Seventh Grade 

7mo Grado (coming soon)

Eighth Grade

8vo Grado  (coming soon)

High School Math (coming soon)

Matematica en La Escuela Preparatoria (coming soon)